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Design Services

We design and manufacture customized products in the Analog, Digital, RF & Electrical domains.

System Integration

CBC provides integrated turnkey systems manufacturing solutions, utilizing manufacturing technologies to support customer manufacturing requirements. CBC focuses on quality, service, and flexibility serving the Medical, Industrial & Aerospace markets.

CBC provides the resources to maximize productivity and flexibility, control costs and reduce time to market. These capabilities allow our customers to achieve improvements in cycle time, asset utilization, reliability, and reaction time.

CBC's Designteam enables customers to leverage our innovation capabilities - offering a win-win proposition. Customers intellectual property is protected while leveraging our design capabilities to lower your costs and improve the time to market for new products.

CBC's dedicated team offers solutions from minor product changes and design enhancements of existing products to complete turnkey design and build solutions.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

CBC's facility is capable of RF, Wireless and Microwave components. The facility has the ability to build rigid, flex, ceramic substrate assembly, also provide die-bonding and wire bonding.We have multiple surface mount, thorough hole and chip on board lines. We have separate RoHs and non-RoHs lines. For testing we have AOI, ICT, FCT, X-ray inspection & Flying Probe.

Cable Wire Harness

CBC has a vertically integrated facility for building custom wire harnesses. We have the following equipment to meet all types of customer need:
  • Automatic wire cutting machines
  • Laser stripping machine
  • Soldering machines
  • Molding machine
  • Cross section analysis machines
  • Automatic wire stripping machines